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Our Past

Palomino Petroleum is a classic example of the American success story. R.W. (Bob) Watchous began working in the oil business with little more than his geologic expertise and strong work ethic. After successful stints as a partner in Rocket Drilling Company and High Plains Production Company, he founded Palomino Petroleum in 1969. Bob’s emphasis on fairness, integrity, and excellence established the company as a respected pillar of the Kansas independent oil & gas industry. 


After Bob’s passing, his grandson Klee assumed the presidency at the age of 19. Armed with unbridled ambition and years of intense training, Klee aggressively grew Palomino Petroleum into a formidable force that operates throughout the country. He accomplished this through innovative exploration and an indomitable will. For four generations, Palomino has epitomized what it means to be a successful family business. Even through our rapid growth and industry-leading innovations, Palomino continues to exemplify its heritage of integrity, honesty, and éclat.


Palomino Petroleum has embodied these values since our founding; they are the common thread that ties together our past, present, and future. 


We believe in being honest and fair in all of our dealings, upholding the highest standard of business and personal conduct.

Hard Work

Hard work is the engine that drives our company forward; our level of intensity is unmatched. 


We hold our work to a high standard. We strive to do things right, every single time. 

Will to Win

We seek to dominate in everything that we do. We pursue our goals with extraordinary effort and lionhearted perseverance.


Relationships are important. Not only do we cultivate positive relationships within our own company, but we enjoy building and maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships in all facets of our industry.

Extreme Ownership

The concept of Extreme Ownership includes taking initiative, leading by example, being disciplined, and staying accountable to our actions. We take responsibility for everything that we do.


Grit is the fusion of blazing passion and invincible perseverance. We create a magnificent vision of the future and boldly venture toward victory with fierce determination.

Our Future

Though we are proud of our history, we maintain the mindset of a hungry, growth-oriented company. We pioneer the exploration of untapped geologic areas and relentlessly create synergetic relationships amongst our value-chain activities. As a company, we are fortunate to employ a team of intelligent, effective individuals that are intimately aligned with our values and work hard to realize our mission. Our years of expertise, unique resources, unwavering moral principles, and tenacious nature will not only aid us in pursuit of our vision, but these qualities will also be the foundation upon which we build an immortal legacy, limited only by the magnitude of our aspirations. 

Our Team

Klee Robert Watchous – President

Nicholas P. Gerstner – Vice President

Kale Robert Watchous – Vice President

Hadassah Tillotson – Office Manager

Wesley L. Penner, Jr. – Landman

Lauren Wilson, RPL - Land & Legal Representative

David E. Darland - Accountant

Marcia Williams - Administrative Assistant

Lisa Baus - Administrative Assistant

Mark Horchem - Land Research Representative

Breckyn Rucker - Administrative Assistant

Andrew M. Stenzel - Geologist

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